I QUIT The SPY NINJAS! We Create Funniest Videos to TRICK PROJECT ZORGO for Red Safe and PZ9 Mask

This is the MOST FUNNY VIDEO we’ve Ever Made!

After Chad Wild Clay made “HE DISAPPEARED in SWIMMING POOL? Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge vs PZ9 Sneaking Into Safe House!”, Vy Qwaint created “REGINA TURNS EVIL in Disguise as PZ9! Vy Invents Spy Pen for 16 Ways to Sneak Gadgets Into Pyramid!”, and Daniel Gizmo uploaded “MOST AMAZING MAGIC TRICK! Spy Ninjas Reveal Surprising Funny Magic & Pranks You Can Do Challenge!”, Chad and I are on the lookout for the mysterious Cloaker and the red safe Melvin PZ9 stole from us! We need to get that item back because its the key to defeating Project Zorgo forever! Unfortunately for us, we run into PZ9, and he wants to battle us. It seems that Melvin PZ9 is only looking for his mask, which he left at the safe house, which is currently being worn by Regina! Chad is a smart boy, and he realizes that we all could benefit from helping each other out instead of fighting. If we help PZ9 get his mask, then the mind-altering effects of PZ9’s mask will be no more, and Regina will return to her normal self. Even worse for us, is that PZ9 wants us to help him fool the Project Zorgo leader first before he would help us. He needs us to make a video of Daniel quitting the Spy Ninjas in order for the Leader to give him his very own mysterious Red Safe. Who can we trust? Why is this red safe important to PZ9? How are we even supposed to trick the Project Zorgo Leader?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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