This is it. September 4th.

The Spy Ninjas are ready to take down Agent Peters and stop Project Zorgo once and for all! With the help of Chad’s brother, Casey, and the Cloaker, the team infiltrates Agent Peters’ headquarters. Daniel and Regina decide to go stop Melvin who is all crazy and is PZ9 again! Melvin only wants to make fun of the Spy Ninjas once they find him though! Will PZ9 ever be sane again? Will the Spy Ninjas be able to finally stop Agent Peters and Project Zorgo for good!?

Watch my friend’s awesome videos:


Vy Qwaint – Our Friend Was Brainwashed into Hacker PZ9 and He Wants to Fight Us!

Chad Wild Clay – My Friends Became Hackers PZ9 & PZ4 Again to Rescue Daniel and Escape the Imposter

Melvin PZ9 – Can I Escape the SirenCop Prison before I’m Betrayed by my Sus Imposter Best Friend in Roblox?

(Not Our Friend) Project Zorgo – Project Zorgo 2.0 Countdown Clock

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